November Music 2021

Visitors to November Music 2021 can fully enjoy today's eclectic musical landscape. The festival showcases the prominent composers of our time. Not to mention top-notch ensembles, jazz & world pioneers, sound installations, and interdisciplinary concerts. November Music takes place from 5 through 14 November at various locations in the Dutch city of ’s-Hertogenbosch. Ticketsale for November Music 2021 has started.
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Line-up festival edition 2021
This years festival composers are Rebecca Saunders and Kaija Saariaho
, two influential female composers, both with their very own sound language. Rebecca Saunders is regarded as one of the most prominent composers of the new generation. Her work is played by Ensemble Modern, Juliet Fraser and Quatuor Diotima and others during November Music 2021. The Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho has left her mark on European contemporary music with her spacious sound fields for decades. The French choir Accentus, Cello Octet Amsterdam, Meta4 are among the musical ensembles that will perform her work. Composer Hawar Tawfiq has written this year's edition of the Bosch Requiem. The South Netherlands Philharmonic and baritone Thomas Oliemans will perform his Requiem des Fleurs et des Nuages (Requiem of flowers and clouds). Tawfiq's spiritual and multi-faceted music bridges the gap between Kurdish traditions and western avant-garde.

The cream of the crop of the current international jazz scene will be heading to November Music this year. Including the pianists Brad Mehldau, Vijay Iyer, Tania Giannouli, and Isfar Sarabski who will all bring their own trio. Guitarist Julian Lage plays some of the pieces featured on his new Blue Note album, Squint. The British group Sons of Kemet around the saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings serves up churning and danceable jazz-infused music. The New York trumpet player Dave Douglas, pianist Aruán Ortiz from Cuba, Dutch saxophonist Kika Sprangers and Mudita & Marilyn Mazur will also be presenting special projects. The traditional-modern Armenian collective The Gurdjieff Ensemble plays the closing concert on Sunday 14 November 2021. 
(Inter)national top ensembles
: Ensemble Musikfabrik – set to play new work by Richard Rijnvos and Enno Poppe – the Ensemble Modern, Explore Ensemble, Accentus and the Berlin collective S T A R G A Z E – which performs Highdive by Morris Kliphuis and Lucky Fonz III – are among a raft of international ensembles featured at November Music 2021. Dutch collectives are – once again – well-represented. Asko|Schönberg, for example, plays Calliope Tsoupaki, Cappella Amsterdam peforms alongside the vocalists Rima Khcheich & Amira Medunjanin, while Silbersee shares the stage with actress Ariane Schluter. New European Ensemble performs the Orwell classic1984 together with the former politician Boris van der Ham. This year's ensemble in residence is Ensemble Klang, which plays four concerts featuring works by Jan-Bas Bollen, Laurence Osborn, and others.
Furthermore The Metropole Orchestra presents an energetic show at November Music 2021 with the multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso all-rounder Louis Cole – of electronic hip hop duo Knower fame – in which pop, jazz, avant-garde, and funk will be mingling and mixing. Dez Mona and baroque group B.O.X. from Belgium play wonderful and tranquil songs. The Estonian singer and violinist Maarja Nuut combines folk, electronics, and pop in her intense performances.
November Music 2021 also hosts several sound installations, amongst others the spectacular virtual reality installation Eight, created by Michel van der Aa, can be enjoyed throughout the festival. The exhibition Sound Art in Public Spaces takes place in and around Verkadefabriek within the context of the European Sounds Now project.
About November Music
November Music had its first edition in 1993 has ever since takenplace in the beautiful Mediaeval Brabant capital of ’s-Hertogenbosch (also called Den Bosch) in the south of the Netherlands. It is the most important international gathering for contemporary music in the country. The annual festival, which lasts 10 days, presents 90 concerts across all genres, featuring today's music by today's makers. November Music is commissioning Dutch and international composers to compose new work as it initiates collaborations between musicians from the Netherlands and those hailing from elsewhere. 

Hotels and parking
The November Music venues are located all througout the center of the city. The main venue is de Verkadefabriek, which is near the trainstation, and also provides plenty of parking space. Furthermore there are several hotels and B&B's if you are planning on staying in the city:

• Best Western Eurohotel (info)
• Golden Tulip Hotel Central (info)
• Mövenpick Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch (info)
• B&B's in 's-Hertogenbosch (info)
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